Move a step, and is it you who are different?

Not to reduce the world to a select list, and then only to further reduce those places to their stereotyped delights, but whether for their bright inspirations or disturbing underbellies, here is an ever-longitating list of the places that have intrigued me for the longest time.

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Germany. munich. berlin
(I’ve been here, and again.) The kid i was combed through 1938-45 a lot; i’m not sure any kid rationalises why. To a student under exam fatigue, the 2002 World Cup german team impressed with their stoic determination and effective play.

I never became football mad, but i did get drawn to the german affinity for the environment and infrastructure, and how both serve each other. I even began to appreciate the language and its throat-clearing abilities. In 2006, Deutschland hooked me probably for life with simple things, though exactly how i’m still not sure. Plus, it offered more strawberries than I’d ever ingested in my entire life. Digestion was also why i created this blog.

Brazil. rio de janeiro. sao paulo
In capoeira, our teacher was named Silvio and his teacher we called Maestre. Every class was a test for my body to get through, and i was taught to move and think differently. They brought to life all the love and laughter I’ve always imagined Brazilians to embody.

I’ll eat olives, and walk around there, just thinking. That, fresh food and air will revive any body.

China. shanghai. xinjiang
To explore where my grandparents are from. There has been such an enormous amount of change, and non-change, happening and struggling to finally happen. Plus, i love walks, and qin shi-huang cut a daunting figure in my secondary school history books; his behemoth great wall of china would feed anyone an entire age-year’s worth of walks.

Apart from hearing about its amazingly fresh fruits, I don’t know much about this place. And so, for that reason alone.

Japan. tokyo. koyoto
Too many strange happenings in that strip of land, i simply must check it out for myself.  Bidettes and otakus; harakiri and karōshi. At work, in front of and behind me, used to sit two vastly different, yet (to me) very Japanese Japanese. They’re certainly good ambassadors, whether they realise it or not. I’d like to see its famed temples. Eat sushi. And learn what’s beyond sushi.


Spaces were where I was.