Part travel log, part muse room, this space began as a convenient darkroom to look over photos taken on trips. ‘Off road’, I continued to crave eloquent images about people and the places they live in, so here they all go. Since 2007.

Thoughtgraph(ies) mirror my interests as an editor and writer on the intersections of society, culture, and the arts. Over time, this blog became a testing ground for exploring interesting/inspiring as two sides of the same coin. You’ll find a longer bio on my personal site.

There are two ways to enjoy this blog. Geographically; lists are easy. But make your own way around, you’ll find:

breathtaking (mine, at least) mise-en-scène scenes and accompanying thought rogues
un-useful movie and music reviews
a fascination with what’s above, or beyond
obscure (but very interesting) art
unabashed tree loving
retro matters
quotable quotes that no one’s heard of, great for the dinner table.

After all that, I should warn: there’s no plan, no goal, no seeming method to the madness. If you’d like some car tunes to get you through, Sounds‘s got an indie playlist.


In chinatown, sg
Singapore. Chinatown



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