Making visible what’s invisible


In his ‘Infra’ series, Richard Mosse uses an extinct type of infrared film, originally used by military. It registers the invisible type of light which we don’t see with the human eye——

“”Beauty is the sharpest tool in the box. If you’re trying to make people feel something, and you’re able to make it beautiful, they’d sit up and listen.

Often something that’s derived from human suffering or from war–if you’re able to make it beautiful–it’s a great ethical problem in the viewer’s mind, so then they’re confused, angry, and disoriented. And that is great because you got to get them to actually think about perception and how that image was produced and consumed.

And with this Congolese film, i’m not even doing it through beauty, i’m just doing through colour! People are so offended by the colour pink, cos it’s a feminine colour!

Honestly, how much more constructed is a pink photograph than a black+white photograph? …In that respect, it’s about using the faculty of the sublime, to make visible what’s beyond the limits of language, and to bring that to the ethical problem of bearing witness that is in documentary.”


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