Port Ouchy blues

lausanne, port ouchy
switzerland. lausanne, port ouchy

The entire week i was in lausanne, the winter weather was gorgeous, crisp. Days alternated between blues and clean greys.

I was also woefully sick, down with a bug the moment i landed.

Every day, i walked the street lining the port from Ouchy metro to my class, a lil weak and drunk on a bad cold, but praising the sky, the sea, the wind, the mountain ranges in the distance–everything that made up the horizon between sky and land, town to sea. I remember wednesday was so clear, i walked backwards to admire the sunrise. Not really, but you get me.

The air feels amazing, a sharp thrill through your nose and your skin tingles under the warmth. You just want to drink in the whole expanse in your lungs. This was 20 – 24 January 2014.





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