A bunch of shoulds

This i said to the other:

“Saw the picture you posted, and thought yep, i agree. But then i continued to think.

What are the roots rooted in?
What kind of wings will they grow; and where would they be most inclined to fly?
Are these things we think we can ‘gift’? Are these only ours to give? Do we choose to give more of one over the other? Does the bird go, thinking ‘i mustn’t forget the tree’? Well, if it does think so, why?

Two seconds later–
Why is there a bird in the tree.

Is the metaphorical child both tree and bird?

And i realised,
Are we not really wishing for the child to embody the living ecosystem; of knowing sustainable growth.

If my kid asked these, i’d like him/her/it to know she can take flight and completely detach from the tree from whence (omg shakespeare grammar alert) it came. Because he/she/it is a citizen of the world, a part of the global, of the universal even. I think this by conscience and by nature.

Sometimes we hold on to roots as a reminder of where we should go, but this is only because roots are already material, easy handles of identity, values and goals. There should be no rings of constraint or obligation, except to those under your care. So go, knowing the roots that fed you, and knowing you take a bit of it with you.

I think roots are almost habit. So our only obligation as parents is to have them know they’ve to go and fly and grow. And well, maybe nitpick at which roots we hold onto.”



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