2013: first quarter learnings

Scant posts this past quarter of the year, even after my exciting, loved-up trip to Melbourne. Alas i have become estranged from my computer, and the bits of my life stored in it. Also, work has been very good to me. Nevertheless, here are some thoughts that featured strongly for me this Jan – Mar 2013.

Completely off the cuff–

1. Trust, like love, takes time to build up, so don’t fret your feathers too early. However, like love, trust depends on a kind of intuition. So if it feels too off, steady on the tracks.

2. A book can’t really be judged by its cover. But it sure can be illuminated going by its neighbours on the shelf it’s hanging out with.

3. On that note, you’re not a librarian. You’re not another’s keeper. You’re not god. If the book says its fantasy horror, don’t go insisting it’s more philosophical goth.

4. The thrill of the fall is rather separate from the security of the landing. It’s rather hard to calculate the second based on the first. The former is much deeper fun if you calibrate the second.

5. There’s a reason why kids learn friendship before love. [Insert reason according to your own life experiences.]

6. Always check that you got your namecards before an important meeting. Then, do not put your waterbottle when you place the namecards.

7. Always admit faux pas. But only where the faux pas really matters. This depends if the other person matters to you.

8. Your mother will still be angry at you for the things you did 5, 10, 15 years ago. She may not show it; it may not seem to figure; maybe you didn’t actually do anything. But the hurt’s still there. It’s not your fault. And you could handle it better. Next time. Now move on.

9. Dental insurance is very helpful.

10. Know how high you seek, and be forgiving when it falls a little short. Know how low you can tolerate, and be doubly strict about it. The going gets a little thin, and it’s good leaving a bit of space.

11. Ask. You’re full of questions, so just ask. People are dying to answer. There’s no one best moment to ask, but so long as you ask the best way you can, it’s all good. Just don’t expect the answers you thought you were looking for. That’s what more questions are for. And if the other ain’t too keen on answering, well you know now–


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