Silver linings playbook: two strings

silver linings playbook, bradley cooper, jennifer lawrence
. silver linings playbook

Recently i watched a movie. It was one of those popcorn disjuncts: midnight hangs outside, the cinema is freezing the few live bodies around and you’re picking out from a crop of alien blue-lit lines that beem movie titles you probably should, but don’t, recognise. And you sign up for one anyway.

Silver linings playbook turned out a perfect quirk for that context. And it was good, each character carried his/her own nib of madness and teeter on the edge (or so you think). But the plot marches along and there’s never actually any rip in normalcy.

At the end, after days and nights and neighbourhood runs of hoping and plotting and succumbing to dance rehearsals with the dark side (played by jennifer lawrence) win his ex-wife back, after the grand coming-together of efforts and subplots, after ‘winning’ the intense dance competition, pat sees his ex-wife nikki and goes up her. And after a movie of a whole lot of talking, he whispers. You kinda guess from what follows, but you see his peace.

Director david o. russell said:
“The intention of it is to say that the best way you can say goodbye to somebody is lovingly, from the best place of yourself, which doesn’t happen often enough in this world. I think very often, when it’s time to say goodbye to each other, we choose to agitate or turn it into something else, because goodbyes can be too emotional. But no, he didn’t agitate, he said it in a very soulful way. I could tell you everything I think he said, but we’ll leave it up to [the audience].”

On the characters:
“The fact that these guys are trying to adopt a positive attitude was really important to me. As Jack Nicholson always says, ‘Try to incline yourself upwards as much as possible’ because it is too easy in this world to incline yourself downwards. These people have every reason to incline themselves downwards, but they’re trying to rebuild the economy of their lives. And that’s why (they) aren’t so fringy to me: they become the most sane people in the room.”


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