Travelling companions

The Travelling Companions, 1862 (oil on canvas), Egg, Augustus Leopold
. The Travelling Companions, 1862.

Augustus Leopold Egg painted this oil on canvas in his later years. He spent them in poor health in southern europe. Are these two sides of the same person, or another so abidingly by your side? It has a strange recognisability. It ought to be proverbial, evoking a particular meaning and tone.

But it never caught on that way. That, i think, fits with the quiet ‘going-awayness’ of the piece. Their extravagant forms contained within, and the main star is the bright coast stretching far into the epic distance.

It shows two together as archetypes of a whole, going somewhere even if it ain’t what others might deem ‘places’. With another of yourself and a warm guide in hand. All safe still, and all excitement ahead. I strongly wish that for my own new year. Happy 2013.


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