A tale to paint nightmares

Or to finally purge them?
Which happens, when you are told the true story of yourself?


There is an Eastern tale that speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He didn’t want to hire shepherds or place a fence around the meadow where the sheep were eating their grass. As a result the sheep were always wandering far from the herd, running in the woods or they fell into canyons and on top of all that, they were running far away because they knew that this wizard only wanted them for their meat and skin, and they didn’t like this at all.

Finally the wizard found a solution. He hypnotized his sheep and he implanted them with the idea that they were immortal and nothing would happen to them if they were skinned and also that this was for their own good and in fact a very pleasant thing to go through. He also implanted the idea that the wizard was a very good master, and that he loved his herd so much, he would do anything in the world for them. Then he told them that if something were to happen to them, it certainly wouldn’t happen to them today and therefore they need not think about it at all. Then he implanted the idea that they were not sheep at all. In some, he implanted the idea that they were lions, to others he said they were eagles, to others he said that they were humans and to others he told them they were magicians.

After that, all his concerns and worries about his sheep were at an end. They would never wander away, they would wait quietly for the time the magician would come and demand their meat and their skin.

The Magician’s Sheep
GI Gurdjieff


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