Take a walk

. video for passion pit’s take a walk

Content-wise, ‘take a walk’ isn’t shocking or new. But it doesn’t need to be, the information itself is pretty stunning.

But then my partner called to say the pension funds were gone
He made some bad investments
Now the accounts are overdrawn

Passion pit takes the slang for drive-in theatres. Private individual domes of teen affections. The lead single off of their sophomore album ‘gossamer’ surges in the same concentrated energy you could accuse of insular frivolity, except this one alludes to complexities of an All-American, along with a smoke of national disillusionment.

I love the video concept. Following the nauseating trajectory of a bouncing ball really could be the metaphor of our times. And oh the things you see, helicopter-view (new helicam technology too) through harmless suburbs and the city of philadelphia. Mundane, making only the meaning you connect.

The military slam after the funereal intro threads the whole sombre pill into a shoulder-able package.  Some say the familiar synth doesn’t do justice to the epic subject tackled. Yet, recession, public pillage and private debt–i venture to say most of us would feel as if we’ve seen it before, in the horror theatre of history books, the news and the op-eds for only the last forever years. The youth are tired, but i think venting on a roof is the furthest romanticising you’ll get.

When the final pretty crashes, a walk on outta there seems the only thing left to do, and it feels good. It might seem too insidious a message, but i’m not sure if either him or the big guy in charge will come back home, though both for different reasons.

Honey it’s this loan I think I borrowed just too much
We had taxes we had bills
We had a lifestyle of fun
And tonight I swear I’ll come home


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