The old and now in Regensburg

Regensburg, Munich
Germany, regensburg.

Bavaria’s first capital is picturesque with an edge.

And it is old. I’d gone in cold, sans research, and was bowled by the bits of time past around me. (‘See the stone wall there; it’s from roman times’ and so on.) Draped along the danube’s northenmost bend, the UNESCO site dates back to the stone age, which trumps Rothenburg’s 950AD. Regensburg feels like a regal dame that has seen a fair bit. Empires, battles, crusades, and the big stone bridge that opened up trade routes between northern europe and venice, and regensburg’s golden age. It was lucky to escape ww2 with little allied bombing, which helped preserve its medieval centre.

All this was brought through to me by TN’s friend M, who impressed me with more history than i’d heard from a person in a while. M was pretty much resigned to our singlish humour* heaped on him all the way around the altstadt. Our combobulation of bold youth (relative against, you know, the stone age) gave a twist contemplating stodgy history. How else can one wonder about the suicide rates at the old stone bridge, or muse over the current popularity of the beery pride of town. Amid such centuries around us, i felt buoyed by our contemporariness randomly brought together on a gorgeous sunny day. My reflections here lie with a humble xie xie and danke.

*If you don’t know, singaporean humour has a weird taste and changes flavour every 4th minute. Over all it tends to relish in the lame.

Regensburg, Munich

Regensburg, Munich

Regensburg, Bavaria

Regensburg, Bavaria


Regensburg, Bavaria

Regensburg, Munich

Regensburg, Bavaria

Regensburg, Bavaria

Regensburg, germany


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