Bridging/ Hackerbrücke

Hackerbrücke, Munich
Germany, munich. Hackerbrücke

10 April
Was my first ramble to and fro this awesome structure. The rapid click of its four-syllable name over the PA was a convenient reminder of the halfway mark towards my stop, either way. Adjacent was the even more syllablous station, Donnersbergerbrücke. And next to that was Hirschgarten, which reminded me of cherry orchards, which in turn really is Kirschgarten in german.

I thought nothing more of it other than the fact that i do love bridges. And railways.

18 April
The bridge stretches across the main railways immediately west of the hauptbahnhof. It was built in the 1870s. She walked me, talked me along streets, past buildings i wouldn’t have thought to navigate. Munich evenings seem quiet everywhere, at least everywhere i’d been. Her boyfriend had introduced her to the bridge, and the gorgeous sunsets that come along with it; in fact her first offer to me before we ever met was a sunset. The sun wasn’t too much that april spring, but the setting soared. I saw generous lines heading straight and certain into a determined brightness.

How strange time and lives now weave into this moment: i watched as the three of them climbed onto the first bar. I couldn’t remember the last thing i climbed. Took a picture of them candid and casual, the sunset lighting their own glow.

23 April
For sure the Hackerbrücke is etched in my mind. And for sure now my mind is blown. In a quick-step, he managed to 1) smash the clads of impossibility (you mean you’re not joking?), and 2) existence as a matter of fact. Not belief, but fact. I hadn’t questioned him until then. Soon i realise it was the impossibility i was questioning.

What a feat.

18 May
The conversation forced it. There was no way i could withhold this without subverting both trust and the natural flow of things. To my astonishment, she seemed unsurprised, and offered a parallel story. So now i have two impossbilities in an already recently boggled mind. I think of serpents, and the other all day. In the evening, a message came. I only saw it today, and i relished the sheer improbability of it.

I relearnt #1 and 2.


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