“Even though i’m a woman,”

video, Seeker Lover Keeper - Even Though I'm A Woman
. video for Even Though I’m A Woman, Seeker Lover Keeper

Well this is how I feel

I feel like a travelling salesman
Even though I am a woman
Picking up my bags from the station
Standing there face to face
I’d be lying if I did not say


Three songs by three women. In the videos, three men.

The lyrics themselves are straightforward enough–Even though i’m a woman–they unravel a heartfelt story of long-distance longing.

And how it pulls. Woven by the three sweet voices of Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltman and Holly Throsby (soloists in their own right coming together), the steady folk and dreamy imagery whispers nuanced moments, tenderly sieved feelings. It comes laced in female delicacy, the kind that would seem fit for, say, an ok-4:10min-and-then-pack-it-away kind of sentimentality.

Stream that through the mouth of a man though– the female does not seem too much so anymore. Instead of being a female confessional, these simply are. The minutes tick by, the piano chords turn insistent,

it all seems just, human.

video, Seeker Lover Keeper - Light All My Lights
. Light All My Lights

video, Seeker Lover Keeper - On My Own
. On My Own


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