Such great heights

Yemen, President Saleh

Have you seen this well-curated blog? It is a neat tracker of stunning photographs, each a deep slice into powerful evocative moments.

I look at the pics of the arab spring with interest, partly because as unwitting tourist in egypt in nov 2011, i felt the fabric of my experience there warp and ripple, but only just. Under the veneer of normalcy, how often and earnestly my driver’d said “egypt now crazy”, and in their chants and digging questions, i felt the simmering fervour in (not just) the young. I’ve been personally curious ever since.

Peaks are peaks for a reason. Sometimes these iconic images harbinger turning tides, sometimes the curve returns to mundane. Still we ought to remember these for what simmers underneath, and for the bolt of possibility and impossibility that crashed our world one ordinary day.


Here are some interesting ones, click on the pic to read more at the blog:

Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes, 1973

March 1993, photographer Kevin Carter, Sudan

Barack Obama bowing, Japanese Emperor Akihito

9/11, 911, Twin Towers jumpers

Tiananmen Square, Zhao Ziyang, May 19, 1989


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