Little things about Arab street

Singapore, Bugis
Singapore, around arab street.

Busyness, and the accompanying fluster, sometimes means you can’t quite find the simplest things, like any of the 1000+ photos taken in india in december. But while digging around, i found snaps of the hamlet around arab street near where i used to work. I loved,

lunchtime could really be a break from work. I could choose which pocket in the shophouses to explore for a bit.

down-to-earth food. Sometimes in busy pock-marked establishments that don’t bother too much with a smile because you know their food will make you anyway. Chicken curry sits beside claypot rice opposite french/belgian/swedish/turkish cafes. Trawl the streets and be spoilt for choice.

the many colours of individual businesses and galleries and sacred places. Pink and gold. And leafy trees.

stepping off the grid. Sort of. It’s just 2 minutes away from busy bugis junction, but daytime is quiet in the little hamlet, with just the occasional blare from the mosque. I’m not muslim, and the loud call always gives a surreal jolt.

the old still stands.

the very skyline takes your eye to interesting places. This little island has a way of making you feel as if you’re always in a mall or office (unless, of course, you’re at home), but in arab street, these take perspective and remain at a comfortable distance.


Singapore, Bussorah Street

Singapore, Bussorah Street


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