Sofra/take the side street

Luxor eats, Sofra, Egypt
Sofra. Luxor, egypt.

When the cab driver didn’t know where this restaurant was, we took a look at google maps, decided the rest was doable on foot, and almost never got to this restaurant.

Two parallel roads down from luxor temple, the side street got dark and run-down. We were ready to give up the ghost when, literally two steps more, we saw a beautiful whitewashed colonial shophouse, glowing in the lamp-lights like an oasis in the night. Our first words (collectively, yes) were ‘wow’. It really did look that charming, and very discreet. Stairs took us up into a haven of warm lights, intricate tiles and mats, and ornate wooden seats –none of which my camera could capture well enough. Enough varied lamps to keep you in a meditative trance. You can tell the owner took a lot of pride making this place a tasteful haven from the bustle outside. The place still felt homely. Happily, the food matched the interior.

90, Mohamed Farid street
Al Manshiya, Luxor, Egypt

Sofra restaurant, Luxor, Egypt

Sofra, Luxor, Egypt

Sofra, Luxor, Egypt

Sofra, Luxor, Egypt


4 thoughts on “Sofra/take the side street

  1. Egypt…always something nice to discover !
    I have also my favorite place to eat the best koftas in all Luxor!
    Food is very nice in Egypt,
    Thanks for sharing this place.

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