Drinking in egypt

Cairo fruit juice bar
[Egypt, cairo]

Bars are a very different concept in egypt: obviously alcohol is haram and we never came across any on the menus even in the most touristy restaurants we went to (though the lonely planet guidebook promised). But i don’t think we missed it. In its place were juice bars on almost every second street. Perfect for a healthy sugar rush along the way. By the second day, i was primed to look out for those luscious round shapes hanging over countertops. Pomegranate juice became our go-to drinks. Turns out the multi-fruit smorgasbord were rare further south in luxor and aswan, where sugarcane and mandarin featured instead. So if you’re in cairo, load up.

A pause to down the fresh liquids also gave me a chance to be still, giving me some of the more vivid memories:
being completely disoriented by the tidal noise wave of people and traffic in cairo
breathing in the slight morning chill in alexandria, looking out over the mediterranean

the first taste of freshly squeezed mandarin juice,
stepping off the dusty roads of luxor
ducking in, taking a break from the aswan sun




Luxor juice bar
[Egypt, luxor]

This young guy plied me with questions on age and marital status. Then he gave me a banana with a flourish at the end of my drink. No baksheesh requested! Bless him.


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