The best falafel in town

Luxor. What to eat: falafel
[Egypt, luxor]

It certainly tasted like it.

I’d gone to habiba gallery*to pick up my picture frame. Humming and hawing–i’d already overused my quota of ‘friendly questions’ to the lady there– I counted the final hours before i leave fresh falafels forever and decided i had to.

Me: I need something with falafel, and something fast, because i have to catch a train soon tonight. Do you know of any place?
Lady thinks… and beams: Walk out, turn left, and by the mosque (just outside luxor temple), you will see a man making very good falafel. It is one of the freshest in luxor. And you’ll find many people queuing there.

She was right.

Back in my hotel room, the first bite replaced all prior memories of falafel sandwiches, including all the ones eaten in egypt. Plus, my eyeballs almost popped when i heard they were just three pounds (60 cents) each. Were there more of these hidden delights around i had missed?

Later I got my cab driver to swing by to pack more, and indeed a bigger horde had gathered around the stall. I’m grateful to the lady for that tip. The train food turned out to be terrible, and these falafel sandwiches tasted fantastic even 10 hours and 671 km later in cairo. Unfortunately, the photo taken on the bumpy train ride doesn’t do any justice at all. But i was glad to have my last days in egypt marked by these simple moments of authenticity.


*habiba gallery stocks almost everything you might find in the souk itself at fair trade prices.

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