Holland Village Nasi Lemak

I took a picture of my lunch today.

Friend furrows brow: What’s so nice about it?
Me: Taste. Probably been here for decades. Every time we visited my grandma (which used to be every week. for years), we would pack from this stall.

My mind: When your tastebuds get a craving for rice that is better than rice, for veggies amped up, for sambal that hits both spicy and sweet, the right selection of nasi lemak* gets it right. And this corner stall at the market in holland village gets it very right for me–i like having this marker of taste linked to memories of people and place.

*Nasi (rice) lemak (refers to the coconut milk it is cooked in, usually with pandan leaves added for the aroma). I’m no cook but i hear it’s tremendous effort making sure the rice comes out at least palatable. Coconut milk can be a tricky ingredient.. Traditional side dishes include ikan bilis (anchovies), cucumbers, eggs, peanuts. Sambal is mandatory as part of the experience.


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