Slow Club - Two cousins video
. Slow Club ‘Two Cousins’

I keep replaying this vid. And i’ve bopped my head noncommittally enough times to them on the net radio to know it’s not simply the music.

It’s the visuals and the music. And the feet and the lyrics. The hands and sadness. The black against white against black. Nothing actually ‘matches’, but it all goes so fantastically well together.

Did i mention the dancing by Ryan Francois and Remy Kouakou Kouame is sublime.

Slow Club - Two cousins video
Slow Club - Two cousins video
Slow Club - Two cousins video
Slow Club


I could use a rethink of the word ‘match’, nicely now when chaos triggers a knee-jerk reaction to batten down. How we get caught up in the perfect fit sieving ingredients, carving down square pegs. Or obsessively searching for a balm to balance pain or hurt or weakness.

All of the world’s politics and economics should teach us there is no sealed deal that doesn’t come back out screaming for a little wiggle room. And definitely nothing as simple as a 1-for-1 fix that doesn’t spill little monsters off the sides. Looking at them dancers reminds me to appreciate the orbits we all make around one another and with our own thoughts, whether wobbly or not. The ‘best fit’ really is not a static match but a dance supporting theirs and your high notes, and allowing room for low ones. Can you imagine the doctor prescribing that? ‘Go right your dance instead.’


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