Frankenfood awareness month: Oct 2011

GM foods protest march 2011
california, usa.

I’m extra excited about this one in California. A ballot initiative has just been launched for the mandatory labeling of GM foods and GM ingredients. If successful, this would be open to public vote come November 2012. Polls already show over 90% of consumers want this mandatory labeling.

In effect it would be the deathblow to GM foods in the US. A full decade after the EU began their bans.

Natural News has a quick roundup (no pun intended) of the current state of affairs on GM foods.

Why do we need to know? Think back to when you found out what goes on behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses. Horrendous factory conditions aside, we found it wasn’t a simple matter of meat to plate. Our food comes with serious implications in health, biology and ethics. Particularly visual nuggets in those debates include mutant fowl, chlorinated chickens, downer cows, de-beaked chicks, permanently pregnant hormonised (insert animal of choice).

Genetically modification foods is perhaps a less visceral version(you could read about the third generation hamsters fed on GM-soya growing fur in their mouths). While it seems this lifesaver of a technology is a familiar term as natural and necessary as anything in our shiny modern world, we really need to remember GM food production only begun barely 15 years ago. It’s a radical change to our food supply.

In fact, GM foods are not proven safe and its consequences not monitored. In fact, anytime there are tests, there are correlations found between GMOs and allergies, disease, birth defects.

Which is why I’m excited over the buzz for this food fight. The legal hoops are confusing, but the signs are promising.


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