Gaddafi’s seat of power

Gaddafi's sofa in his Tripoli home, Libya
Gaddafi’s home in tripoli, libya

Gaddafi: self-proclaimed ‘king of kings’; almost-terrorist to the rest of the world; fearsome, murderous ruler of libya for almost half a century.

He has a sofa in the shape of a mermaid with the head of his daughter aisha. And a scrapbook with newspaper cut-outs of condoleeza rice, whom he has referred to as his ‘darling african woman’. Haha. I’d always thought bad taste (the sofa and the scrapbooking, not rice herself) hint at equally poor judgement in other areas of life. But his is so bad it’s actually laughable. Fancy that.


album found inside Gaddafi's compound in Bab al-Aziziya showing photographs of Condoleezza Rice


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