After september 11

Aman Ali
. Aman Ali, funny guy from nyc in a special for cnn


The other has definitely been part of the climate change much of the world has been grappling with post 9/11, and we each have our own cast in the roles of:
family and friends
enemies of our governments
governments as enemies
the ‘other’
–but like any other, it is supposed, created, manufactured (how else would we know what our other is?), naturalised, perpetualised. Ten years on, who really knows the ‘what’ and ‘why’s of the other(s) that we are to hate and fear.

9/11 did bring new impetus in re-imagining governments. Captains and guardians of our lands. It properly initiated a younger naive me into the knowledge that dealings today still too easily go the way of conflict and bloodshed; every kid thinks their world is free of the horrors captured and learnt from in their history books, then they grow up and realise it is quite unsettlingly the same shit out there. But even as it multiplied the shadow puppetry, i found this deconstruction far more useful and liberating than the divisive fear the above fed.

So for those who live against the backdrop of those two fuzzy big pictures, i find the 2699 project a brave turn. Instead of edifying anger, it remembers instead families, friends who died on 9/11. I’m not personally related to any, but reading the stories makes me think; and it makes me think making sense in a bid to keep love works better than seeking sense with hate.

“We each chose to honor them by remembering their lives, and not by remembering their murderers.”

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