Last Night, Keira Knightly, Guillaume Canet

In the movie ‘last night’, joanna tells alex in the cool morning after their chaste night together. Joanna tells alex, what i would not give to have tired of you.

That single sentence, so polite and measured in its account of a heart, spoke volumes to me of the play between man, situation, consequence. Life’s basic constituents.

Choose as one may his situation, consequences will spill to contain him in his new circumstance. Those sometime square with the chosen situation so badly. Change man then must, and what effort it takes for a heart to change its patterns.

You stare estranged from your own self, that cannot sit comfortably in the situation you believe you have so rationally and lovingly chosen.


The movie is fantastically scripted. It reminds me of, but is less talky, absorbed than the other what if tale; more adult, detached than that other coupling commentary with a quartet. It doesn’t tell all. It evokes. Like a good temptation.

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