Sleeping and working

Two of the most restorative things man must do regularly if he is to be a fully vital, happy person. Multitasking allows a fantastic buffet in a thrillingly short snap of time (anyone else feel a thrill watching the whoosh-by of browser tabs as you click ctrl+t?). But i’ve always found a length of focused time on a single activity to give the most satisfaction, and the best harvests. Which is exactly why you engage in it in the first place.

So feel not guilty spending the entire day on a single thing and nothing (or no one) else. As you must an entire night deep within yourself.

I think that sleep and work are very closely related– i’m talking specifically about the fact that sleep and work are phased based, or stage based, events. Sleep are about stages: there’s five of them, and in order to get through to the really deep ones, the really meaningful ones, you have to go through the early ones. And if you’re interrupted while you’re going through the early ones, for example someone bumps you in bed or if there’s a sound or a light, you get woken up and you don’t just pick up where you left off. You have to start again.

So you have to go back a few phases and start again. and you have days like this, when you wake up in the morning, and you’re like, “man, i didn’t really sleep very well, i did the sleep thing, i went to bed, i laid down, but i didn’t really sleep.”

People say you go to sleep, but you don’t really go to sleep, you go towards sleep. It takes a while, you got to go through these phases.

Does anyone expect someone to sleep well if they’re interrupted all night? I don’t think anyone would say yes. Why do we expect people to work well if they’re interrupted all day at the office?

jason fried at tedtalks


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