Silk like water

Hien Le- Spring summer 2012

berlin. hien le spring summer 2012 collection at mercedes benz fashion week

Vermillion dripping through. Clothes are clothes are clothes but something made me pause at this dress– i was delighted to learn designer hien le is laotian, and this is his maiden collection. The lines, the flow and the form very much made me think of a very precise sort of aesthetic.

It made me feel and breathe the soft clean air of mountainous laos, and the intense blush of paksong sunsets.

Reminded me of pared down shapes and lao fabrics; accurate weaves mark out a sophisticated symbolism lapping around ankles as they walk through the dust. Of the masses of fabric in lao markets, spotted here and there by women in similar fabric-ed skirts. The sampot or sinh is usually a plain length of fabric, sturdy, simple, for all occasions. Theirs would be tougher and duller ones in both silk and cotton.

I’d bought more scarves and sheets than i know what to do with, but i never got tired of running my hands down the intricate weaves and its humble uncut lines.

Extrapolate much? Perhaps. But i like this dress!


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