Blow it all wide open

Blog has reached a new nadir of existentialist emptiness, and here is the picture that perfectly captures my thoughts this july. There’s ten more days to this seventh month, the high of summer (or winter), but the end is near and i smell the bitter crisp feel of a new month coming.

The new makes you think of the old.

And as an adjunct to that:

via the punchy fuckyouverymuch


By the way:
As a rule, it is strange when a whistle-blower shows up dead. The laws of probability and circumstance dictate so. Reporter Sean Hoare was the first to expose the News Of The World phone hacking scandal; the sole finger pointed at editor Andy Coulson. Big George Webley had previously alleged that routine bugging of rooms and phones goes way back.

David vs goliath: I thought more might be spooked by the echo of the BP disappearances and deaths post-disaster little over a year ago. Every scandal has its fall guys. Why does time remember the questions and the sensationalism but not those who stuck their necks out looking for answers?

Why should any of these be interesting? Because it’s statistically (seriously) significant, and any statistician will tell you such spikes are delicious. Scandals where white becomes grey is extra delicious.

And why important? Any one or thing with a clue into a business that affects us all oftentimes adversely is vital. When they vanish, we should trail where they went. We should wonder ‘what if’. What if they had continued talking, what could they have told us.


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