SG Elections 2011

Post-elections, the sun and humidity arranged themselves to cast a burning dome on this little island. A hazy unreality to the facade of continuity. I went for a swim the day after – it turned out half the neighbourhood has the same idea- and i kid you not, the pool was a steaming cauldron of desperate overheated bodies. Us who had to fathom the strange unforgiving weather, and as well as the election results.

Some giggled that LKY must have begun his ‘repention’ scheme. But while almost half voted not for the status quo, what worked out was still a stronghold of 93.1% in parliament. And more than one turkey slipped through.

Someone quipped it is the rules after all, and opposition must play by the rules. But i say who made the rules? Who skewed the rules.

Another commented that results are final and done with; shall we all get on with life then. But how much life do you have if you care not to know now how much was given away? Control is an illusion.

Many hailed the Apology and the six seats as harbingers of better things to come—i like singaporean pragmatism, but sometimes it really gets the better of us.

Perhaps it was the heat, but i could not pack off the news into a neat folder named SG Elections and seal it off for the next five years. We’re still infants in our national and political awareness after all, and the need to listen and learn is even more urgent. Even as we examine our own habitualised opinions, we need to stare hard(er) to seek out truth.

So i’m glad for another kind of continuity. I’m glad voices continue to discuss, reflect, and share. For we need many perspectives to make out the big picture. We need many branches of truth and fact bridged.


I particularly like these by edwin koo a freelance photographer- which far better captured the spirit and fervour of the elections than any mainsteam media. Click on the image to view the other sets generously shared by others online.

WP supporters gather at Hougang Stadium

SG Elections 2011
Chen Shou Mao- holds up his pink IC and red passport and says that despite travelling around the world, he never forgets that he’s a singaporean

Chiam See Tong

Chiam See Tong

Chiam See Tong- Singapore’s longest serving opposition MP.

SG Elections 2011
Worker’s Party rally.

WP rally in Serangoon Stadium. 05/05/2011


Supporting JBJ, the first WP candidate to be elected MP


5 thoughts on “Continuity

    • Go have a look at his other photos if you can- think he does docu-photography as well :) I was completely enthralled by the energy of both speaker and spectator he managed to catch– truly what a rally of the nation’s spirits should be :)

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