david terrazas.
?. by David Terrazas

So april came, whistled around madly and is now yesterday. While my work by nature largely runs on similar loops and cycles, each month still sneaks in it own distinctive flavour. Being both end-quarter and end-FY, April was sharp and bitter, but a great lesson. Many times every day, while zipping through work, managing egos (both thine and mine!), i’ve looked longingly out across the farscapes of my office windows.

The fresh air and broad vistas, they provide such a welcome lift i wish i could take the exit and soar out immediately (metaphorically) (not suicidal). But i realise too i must pilot this plane carefully to administer its full path, and then on to another journey i can take.

And thus too this bit of interweb space. While i appreciated this blog as a place for me to freeform, reflections and ruminations require time, necessarily regular and repeated, to become cohesive enough to last in the self back out among the world. Otherwise, one day lives like the previous; each spot of ‘rest’ lives you slightly calm, slightly grateful, but still rather unravelled and quickly back to square one.

I’ll think (blog) better, and blog (think) more regularly.


Happy labour day everyone! And happy month of may.


2 thoughts on “Airscapes

    • Thanks! It was off of work yesterday…and back to work today.. My japanese colleagues had let us know they’re having some public holidays- enjoy your long break :)

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