Where children sleep-

Where Children Sleep
Roathy, eight, lives on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His home sits on a huge rubbish dump.

James mollison traveled the world and took pictures of where children sleep. The picture of roathy caught me, because this child in cambodia is atypical; memory recalls thin street kids with sun burnished hair and a steady glint in their eyes- they move from table to table, person to person, selling the best way they know how, trying many times more- a tourist ‘no’ either grows firm or relents by the tenth, and so they try. And so i’ve said ten times no.

His photo series is in a book you can view/buy here. Each page open shows a direct stare into circumstance and lives. Some are disturbing, some amusing, many saddening- but strangely, always unnerving.
If these are stereotypes of children and their home lives in their country, then it is odd that from poor to wealthy, we move from dysfunction of society suppressing the self to dysfunction of society manifesting in the self.


Where Children Sleep

Where Children Sleep

Where Children Sleep- James Mollison


4 thoughts on “Where children sleep-

    • Thanks for popping by. There’s a local artist in sg who did something similiar as well, checking in hdb flats- i might write about it sometime :)

  1. Stirring selection of images. Don’t spose you’ve got a link to the full collection as the book link doesn’t seem to work.



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