Chihuahuas in Hoi An

Chihuahua in Hoi An
Vietnam, Hoi An.

Hoi An featured the most dense collection of chihuahuas per square feet i’ve ever seen. My theory is that someone brought his little ones over and they proved so suited to the narrow lanes and alleys and quaint shophouses that the locals took to adopting and breeding them. All the dark alleys must surely have helped with the covert mating spaces…

It was such a treat walking from tailorshop to lanternshop to tailorshop and seeing the tiny doglets strut out from under fabrics, poking its nose from round dark wooden shutters.

But these chis aren’t the cosseted pooches of paris hilton. Though faring better than those we saw out in the country, like most pet dogs in southeast asia (exempting the typically cloistered ones in singapore), these were still tough lean musculatures, brave hearts strutting the dusty streets with many feet and swerving bikes, their alert eyes and marked fur show them to be accustomed to unfriendly surprises.

Definitely added to the charm of the old town.


Chihuahuas in Hoi An

Chihuahua in Hoi An

Chihuahua in Hoi An


Outside of vietnam. Wondered how he would take to the hoi an pack.


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