Physical hyperlinks

Maria Fisher- Traumgedanke
Maria fischer’s website gives a fascinating study of the work. I like the clean white pages/ black text and thin neat threads that belie potent dreamworlds. As if the quiet task of trying to weave sense the morning after.

Strangely, i had two very odd dreams last night. About practice: dreamt i’d designed a complete experiment to show practice makes perfect (indeed!). It involved motion sensors in the floors, chess technology to calculate number of moves, and a broom. I woke up marveling at myself, at the lovely lucid dream with bright rooms and spartan floor tiles. I also dreamt about one of the bosses at work- we were politely arranging ourselves around the buffet table, and he passed me a bread slice spread with beans ( i hope it does not refer to my paycheck). That one got me up freaked and puzzled, and out of bed for Tuesday.

maria fisher- traumgedanken

maria fisher- traumgedanken


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