Gong xi fa cai

This made me go wheeee!.

Then i wondered if the fuel was doused in toxic additives and colourings and the like.


Happy Chinese New Year. Those celebrating the lunar new year must have extra impetus to rethink their lives and their years both past and ahead; first the dates change (flip a year) then the gathering of kith and kin allows lots of reflective stock-taking. 1st January usually comes with fireworks and wine and friends and fun. In contrast, Chinese new year means reunions. And food—each a symbol of something—, a near constant stream, if you allow it.

Though my relations are not all laced with warmth and fuzziness,  i do appreciate the togetherness the time calls for. The general atmosphere of ‘healthful’ abundance is a simple comfort. It seems so long there’s good food, filial piety, hard work (and extrapolatively, prosperity), life’s always pretty good.

kith and kin: native land and relatives
万事如意 (wan4 shi4 ru2 yi4): may your wishes be fulfilled


PS: Pineapple tarts, golden bite-sized loves that expand to fill your tummy. Very prosperity-looking. Very helpful recipe below..

You know, those old recipes that were handwritten in old exercise books? I got hold of two of them…and one of those booklets was my personal copy. I have copied down some recipes in an old note book (the first few pages were my school notes…my 3rd year subjects on ‘Dynamics of Machines’!), and the recipes were dated January 1994, I bet that was the last time I wrote anything on that note book.

These old recipes have brought back so much fond memories of those yesteryear when we would help mum with all the Chinese New Year baking…be it kueh bangkit, pineapple tarts, butter cookies, kok-chai…spending hours painstakingly making them from scratch.

. from happyhomebaking

pineapple tarts


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