Island off of an island

Pulau ubin
Singapore. pulau ubin

Bus #12 from Tanah Merah to Changi Village, and a quick bumboat ride away, and the contrast is huge. Not dramatic, but definitely a difference of decades. The entire hawker centre at Changi Village seemed monstrous after the quiet leafy-ness.

Fresh off the boat, the turn back was prophetic in a way. The constant sounding of the lapping waves seemed both the call of the mainland buzz and the surrounding embrace of ubin. The opening road in is lined with bikes shops with good sturdy bikes and restaurants with fresh seafood, split about 70:30. Then it’s just mostly tarmac (then dirt) and insects, trees and their varied selves.

Pulau Ubin jetty

Pulau ubin

Pulau ubin pollution

Pulau ubin

Pulau ubin wild boar
Everyone was curious about the boars (more out of the picture, like ducklings behind the mom) except the boars themselves.



Pulau Ubin

Pulau ubin fishing nets
City eyes mine were, i had to stoop and wonder at the knee-high tumbleweeds before realising they were piles of trash, but in fact, fishnets. Or fishing nets. Likelier the latter.

We took the eastern route towards Chek Jawa. Not all walks begin stunningly. But this short one was. Maybe this was how singapore looked before the harbours went up, its corners softer, bits un-neatened. The gentle hues were gorgeous. These took time to form and grow. For a while, i considered setting up attap hut there, taking my time along the trees and stones.

Pulau ubin

Pulau ubin

Pulau ubin
Low tide.

Pulau ubin mangroves


City always calls.

Pulau ubin sea


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