Train from Hue to Danang

Train from Hue
Vietnam. Train ride from Hue to Danang at 10am; 3~4 hours. 4USD

It would be something like  50USD for a private car to Danang, which takes one through the world-renowned spectacularus Hai Van Pass, and include a private idyll down Lang Co beach. But we were poor, preferred local and leaned towards the anonymity of mass transport. (We got to see Lang Co from above instead). And i do love going by rail.

The newest thing on the train were the flat-screen TVs hanging off the roof. The young train steward(?) rolls a large tin cauldron down the narrow aisle, dishing soup and handing out styrofoam packets to the long-riders from Hanoi.  The ride  didn’t disappoint: the drizzly weather was supposed to be a dampener on the scenery, but with crashing waves in the fore and only faded mountains lining the horizon, it added a subtle romance to the gorgeous view- especially with the old clang-and-rattle of the train tracks. Good that the ride clings close as it did to the  coast; i could not get enough of the light slates and wispy blues of both sky and sea, slipping into jade sleeves crashing against neat rocks. Had to delete many of the photos i took on this leg.. Each season must give it a vastly different cloak with the clouds and the sun and the rain. Darting in and out of narrow tunnels, every curve round the leafed hills rolled a different view to the incredible landscape. 3h was over much too soon.

Train from Hue

Train from Hue to Danang

Padi fields

Going through a tunnel

Closer to Danang,
the land flattens out and steadily warms, but just a little. December was cool.

Train from Hue to Danang

Train from Hue to Danang

Train from Hue to Danang

On the train to Danang


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