Bat babies, strange weather and mental people

Bat babies beating Australia's floods

Australia, Queensland. via the always colourful DailyMail.

The efforts of the Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre completely warmed my heart- which is nicely so in probably one of the longest monsoon spate of cold weather and grey clouds Singapore has ever had. Fortunate that a nation and its people are able to extend beyond themselves and those close and loved, to the hapless creatures sharing the same land.

When puppies are flung off buildings and adolescents go mad, when once-steady skies above go wild, i think it is important that, in the debris of things, there is always help and hope.


After the Giffords shooting, I think it is crazy that lawmakers are seeking to criminalise “symbols and language” any federal official deems as inciting violence. And how would that have helped, Mr Brady from Pennsylvania? Might a future assassin hold up a paper cut-out of a gun before the deed? Mayhaps Tea Party Palin would be arrested right off a chat-show?


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