Along the way to the F1 Pit Building

Singapore Flyer
The walk in towards the F1 Pit Building is actually rather pleasant. Going from Marina Square, you’ve to brave the fast traffic (yes, the peak hour then was both plenty and speedy) following the pavement by the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer. Under an overpass and across a junction, the walk fans out beside the mouth of the river. No sweat; in that evening, it got quieter, cooler.

Then turning left towards the Building itself, the concrete walls block out any remaining hum of traffic and people. Complete silence, like the kind walking into an old library’s cave, the sort that impresses itself onto your ears. You will notice it. And the perfect spread of straight gravel. Scaffolding in the distance. The sky allowed to show its broad self. That evening was pretty gloomy, so it was a very striking grey on grey. Roadstrips the only colour.

We were there for the first ever Affordable Art Fair, for which other spruced-up people were understandably turning up in cars and cabs instead. It was a nice 15min-ish walk before the colours and buzz of the galleries within.

Thanks B!

F1 Pit Building, Singapore



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