Itinerary for eastwards

Thailand Bangkok >> Laos Pakse >> Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) > Savannkhet >> Vietnam Dong-ha/ Hue/ My Son, Hải Vân Pass > Đà Nẵng

Two weeks ago seemed plenty of time to come up with a neat lists of places to go, and how best to go about, well, going to them. Two weeks later, i know the overnight train from Bangkok will very neatly and quaintly take us all the way to Ubon Ratchathani, and then it’s a routine 2.5h-ish bus ride across the border and on to Pakse.

Another 2.5h minivan ride will take one down as far south and laid-back as Laos will apparently go- the idyllic islands of Si Phan Don. And from there is a glorious white blank for now. Especially since all the Lonely Planet books have been borrowed out.

Fitting that we settled on one of the most chill-out regions on the most laid-back places in the world for a trip this year-end. Sometimes removing yourself from your familiar environs gives the best perspective on your regular life. And i’m pretty sure, as in ’07, Laos will knock me off my feet again.


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