December time.

Snowflakes under microscope

December always brings a slew of memories,  leftover plans, and multiple receipts to lay neat rest to. The entire end-year time feels like a broad precipice as well, with the spectre of January, the first month of a new year, pulling on our hopes and plans and dreams.

I like this dual tension. I even like December at work, though this psychology comes bittersweet, for the hardwork that hasn’t borne fruit or worse, for the hardwork that was never followed through. And the work that magically proliferates in December, especially if you are planning to take ‘a break’. If your work is mundane or imbalanced, the year ahead promises us that the same will be if we do not check in. December is a good month for taking stock.

Outside, the world is grey, snowy where winter is, and rainy where the tropics are (Australia would have the sun to show them into the new year). The weather calls you inwards. Under the umbrella, in your layers, your thoughts colagulate and your hands move with purpose: memories, plans, the bills to lay order to. Then again, the whole trot of parties and gatherings calls you out. Like the food we lucky ones have, there tends to be too much around holiday season. But what a waste it would be for us to burn out and miss the liminal power December holds. It’s always easier to make or break here.

Whenever there is a forked road, choosing redefines who you are. I like December for this reason- it heaves with many such decisions. What do i wish to lay to rest, what can i throw out, give away, learn to use and love again? I should finally get the insurance plan, hand in the work i owe, give thanks and smiles.

If we leave these alone, they follow us same as always; the worse turns a vague heaviness, the good may or may not fade. If we take stock, January and the months after come easier.

But i digress. Aren’t these snowflakes under microscope gorgeous?

Happy holidays :)

Snowflakes under microscope

via La Boite Verte


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