The idea of WikiLeaks

SG Polls-WikiLeaks Julian Assange

Singapore app (SG Polls) polling Singapore thoughts. I was surprised* there’s such a (proportionally speaking) heavy representation disapproving of** Julian Assange.

Assange founded, precipitated, the independent information source, WikiLeaks. It upholds ‘truth’, and what is truer than the pens and words of leaders and makers. No opinions, just facts.

Like its name suggests, it democratises. It has opened the political fourth-wall. Up until WikiLeaks, the common public only saw the shadow-boxing of leaders and agents around us, as far as journalists could make out.

Now we can see the backstage politicking if we so choose to look for it. WikiLeaks doesn’t proclaim or march with banners, it allows information. Which i think is as information should be: allowed; corporate and business decisions should never become fantasy and smokescreens. The reasons they are so are myriad, but you can be sure taking advantage of our ignorant hides is one of them.

We need to know our leaders are people, and humans are fallible. Information forces us to think beyond what is presented to us in rally speeches, campaign posters, subway ads. If it makes us outraged and unsettled, if it makes government officials seem less like the clean leaders they ought to be, businesses, well, like businesses, that’s really for us to stop whining and grow through it. All this should make Assange a hero.

What kind is a matter of moral debate. But let’s not detract.


*Like when Republican Congressman calls WikiLeaks a “foreign terrorist organisation”.

**not the war crimes committed by the US. It is the enigmatic figure of Julian Assange the public is going rabid over.


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