Pasta muy bene

Pasta Bene, San Francisco

[San Francisco. Pasta Bene]

San Fran’s got fresh aplenty, and i loved the re-education i got on pasta, and the awakening with salads.

Outside of North Beach, there are small italian eateries around, but I would never have chanced upon Pasta Bene, probably wouldn’t have wandered into the Financial District  if not for the raves, plentiful and consecutive, on It was tricky looking for it tucked down an alley with its own requisite dumpster (88 Hardie Place, off Kearny, between Sutter & Bush), but a very worthy sanctuary.


Linen cloth and oil-paints. Small smiles and accents from both lady boss and waiters. Lunch hour saw plenty of black suits topped off with grey hairs and stern faces coming in. The tall ceiling allowed soft light in from the alley and quiet contemplation.

Pasta Bene, San Francisco

Seafood ravioli.

Pasta Bene, San Francisco

Chicken salad that is a whole lot more. Just as well the focus landed on the greens- they held centre court on this meal.

Pasta Bene, San Francisco


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