Houserow [1].

San Francisco Victorian row houses

[San Francisco.]

I can see why San Franciscans are great walkers. Or bipedals. There’s the small topographical factor, the tight grid layout on something like over 50 hills makes city driving a mild roller-coaster. Cycling becomes a pretty effective workout.

And for visitors, there’s exactly the topography plus the houserows. Victorian lots side-by-side down neat furling slopes.  Old detailing meshed with modern personality.

Pretty colours aside, there’s the peace sign(s) (whether cross-stitched, art-postered, or flagged on the roof) and liberal slogans you’d miss if you had simply trundled through on the MUNI. The flowers in the windows.  Eight steps later, the purple letterboxes. Then, a stately white-wash.

Being on the ground yields tastier details in every land. Perhaps more delightfully so in San Fran. Definitely take to the street. The peculiar sights are like fairy-juice* for both heart and mind.

*no pun intended


Upping the cool factor: San Francisco’s Pedestrian Advocacy Organization
Check out the 13-mile walk. It converts to 20.921 km of up and downs.

San Francisco, Victorian row houses

San Francisco, Victorian row houses


San Francisco

[ . somewhere near Haight/ Ashbury]

San Fran gets even more psychedelic in its spiritual heart.


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