9/11, 2010


Been some days now since the anniversary. News from there continues to trickle over here, sometimes in vague whispers, sometimes strong waves of rhetoric and sentiment, sometimes they stick, and continue to hit our consciousness in waves. Especially when it’s a world-turning event such as 9/11. I remember being young, still new, and consumed with wanting to know, and wanting to discover-  When the crash happened, a newstream ran cross the TV screen, indicating, to me at least, only that a  terrible event had happened; i lay in bed appalled at the figures, horrified as the puzzling significance, the voices of men and women describing something i knew nothing about. BBC international covered it almost throughout the day, for the next few days.

Over the next few years, more pieces mapped together, from the US, from the president, from politics, from Iraq, from Afghanistan, from Turkey even, from disenfranchisement- bits and pieces of humanity forming a better picture of itself. I began to understand how it had ripped the very fabric of a life apart, and along with it creases for the rest of the world. It’s strange thinking how i’d never imagined how that would increasingly form the shadow backdrop of my education, with every year of study, then every module i took. It extrapolated such that every matter in life became less black and white, more fraught with complexity and tension at every angle, more tenuous.

But things also became a lot more heartbreakingly human.

9/11, 2010


One World Trade Center

[NYC. One World Trade Center]


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