Iroha, Japantown, San Francisco

[San Francisco. Japantown, Iroha]

A 10-minute bus ride down Post Street from Union Square and we’re in the two-street heart of Japantown.

The sun was blazing- Japan Centre looked too much of a lonesome mirage against the low-rise residential blocks, so we walked up and down the duo row of shops, exploring every hobby shop and examining every menu.

The owners were familiarly reserved and swift. It’s always a bit strange being an semi-outsider in an enclave within a place. Almost like a double Inception. But the sushi reminded us we were still in the US; it was at least 1.5 times the size of what we’re used to in Singapore. I felt like i’d packed away a bowl of rice and noodles. But the toppings were also generous, thick slabs (almost) of fish (and tamago), which made every bite tremendously satisfying.

The tea served was a heady earthy taste too. It wasn’t the usual green tea, and it wasn’t watered down. I’d asked for, but now forget, the name of the cha.

Iroha, Japantown, San Francisco

Iroha, Japantown, San Francisco


And then on to Japan Centre,

Japan Centre

Japantown, San Francisco

Japantown, San Francisco

Moominpapa, Kinokuniya, Japantown

japanese chessboard,


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