Chinatown rush/pause.

Chinatown, Singapore

[Singapore, Chinatown]

This was yesterday.

I was doing the usual bull-doze for a class. Drizzling, and in my mind was time. My tummy I couldn’t yet have the time to fill, the pig-in-basket I’d promised for a colleague but was postponing, and a good time to grab a herbal drink that I didn’t want to stop for.

Winds were fierce in the downward street. Then my nose registered the sharp cool of the air. I looked up, and it was the collection of all that made me pause. The streets my grandma would have trawled. The buildings new after my mother was born. A tourist throng in the heart, and the characteristic red swatches an eternal observer.

To the side, a China-born construction worker in yellow overalls sat solo on the ground, watching me privileged and comfortable, clean and daring in the middle of the road, snapping the scene with my iPhone.

Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown, Singapore


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