Manmade: book rings

Literary Jewels, Jeremy May

[ . Jeremy May]

Books are such a stalwart of imagination and hope, each literally unto itself. Anything done to adulterate them usually tugs deep within me- a broil of fascination and guilty disbelief.

Cut, tight, close, seal, a handy piece containing all.

Or is it? Does it matter? It is only a small section from every page.

Literary jewelry, Jeremy May

Literary jewels, Jeremy May

Jeremy May


2 thoughts on “Manmade: book rings

  1. this post reminds me of that movie… was it Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons? Someone (?) rips out a page of a document in the Vatican Archives. Hah. The gasp that reverberated across the theatre was profound and hilarious at once.

    mel ah mel.
    if someone proposed to you with a ring like that, i wonder if you’d be ecstatic or choke him by putting it in his dessert. Heh.

    • both? i remember everyone seemed to be critisizing tom hanks’ hair for both movies anyway. haha :)
      i can imagine you quite liking..quite musing over the concept of such a ring.

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