Am i a redundant human being?

Mela Hartwig: Am I a Redundant Human Being?

Mela Hartwig.

Unfortunately, even her Wiki page is in german. While I enjoy having the harsh consonants tumble off my tongue, my pre-school vocab has dried up, meanings now brittle in my mind

So the only to figure out more about this creature from time past- the subversion that was pre-, during, and post-war Austria would be to read her confession. A 2001 English translation of a lost book from the early 1900s.

I’m a secretary. I have nearly twelve years of experience. My shorthand is first rate and I’m an excellent typist. I don’t mention it to brag. I just want to show that I amount to something. I’m ambitious.

I repeat: I’m ambitious. I’m hopelessly ambitious. Even though I certainly have reason to be humble. Reason enough to use modesty to avoid making the deficit between my talent and my ambition too obvious.


Today: I read about sociology turning up a new phenomena. That of emerging adulthood. Those of us between our bright-eyed twenties and edge of thirties.  The turbulent first-paddleout into the world, where teens and adolesence was the turbulent dreamings. But no longer so quick to follow the footsteps of adults before us.

How odd it is to map one’s life against a physician’s chartbook. Oh relief; only normalcy. How gratifying to recognise, and realise that’s a boat you’re never really in.

With each stage of our lives we walk through, it’s a skill to take along the useful, and to leave what doesn’t work anymore, to moult. To me, ‘identity exploration’ certainly does not always come laden with angst. And ‘a  sense of possibilities’ (96% believe a better future for themselves is ahead) certainly seems a lovely weight to have from time to time.


I do know time has flown far faster since my twenties.Which makes all the above all the more important.

[/from the ACFLondon]

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