Abandoned play

Greenland, abandoned themepark in Fukushima, Japan

[Japan, Fukushima. Greenland. via Abandoned Places -which only has one post]

By chance, I read about this abandoned themepark in north Japan, Fukushima. It was built in 1973, shut down, reopened 13 years later in 1986, and then closed for good in 1993. It didn’t match the rising wonderland that became Tokyo.

It would have cost too much to disassemble the rides, so management decided to let the slow rust of nature take over.

Sometimes I think our relationship with play is the same. We forget about the freedom of play and imagination that so used to dominate our waking hours. We spend too much time walking the paths of one world that we forget there’s another one, just off the road.

And usually, it’s a long-forgotten infrastructure, a state of being. It takes a while to get the laughs rolling, and feeling where the punches and wits are. But the rides’ always waiting; no laughter must be like death to the soul.



Greenland, abandoned themepark, Fukushima, Japan

[.from Juergen Sprecht]


Greenland, abandoned themepark, Fukushima, Japan

[ .via DarkRoastedBlend, which has an interesting collection of other abandoned themeparks]


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