Phnom Penh: first night, a year ago.

Phnom Penh Night Market, Cambodia

[Cambodia, Phnom Penh]

Re-organising files collected over time, sifting through half-remembered memories, and came across this.

It was our first day, an AM landing in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It appeared quieter than the other south-east Asian places we’d visited, but far more grittier, with an underlying chaos and broken down-ness we could see even on the first day.

This was one of only a few I’d taken that day. I spose I was unsettled by the overrunning of what seemed a very un-touristy place. The air was hot and still, we were hungry, and I didn’t care much for the meat majority that was being sold (the beef balls we had tasted quite raw).

But it was a peaceful place by the waterfront, the Night Market. Only recently opened in 2007 (barely 2 years when we visited), storeholders were happy to sell their wares, but never pushy, never gratuitous (re: none too smiley!). It was a brightly-lit square of concentrated activity.

The Night Market’s also located right by Wat Ounalom, which we could barely make out because stepping out of the night market meant being engulfed by the evening darkness. The simplest thing impressed though; the sugarcane juice was fantastic- the kind you know wasn’t steeped in sugar water, and 100% fresh on the spot. The kind that makes you remember how refreshing greens can be. We had a few.

And, it was our first day there. We were eager, and all ready to know more about this uncommon land.


The Night Market now on Facebook! All guns out.


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