Signs, stripped

pick one

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(Specifically the wordy kind.)

They’re usually rigid things, imposed top down, but rarely consulted with the people bottom up. Directives to tell us where to go, how to go, when not to go, and, sometimes, what happens if we go where we’re not supposed to go when we actually should the way we must (which, I suppose, is pretty helpful. Allows us the responsible opportunity to calculate risks).

Or the other kind of signs, offering lofty aspiration. Typically noble carvings or corporate notions (key word).

Perhaps the worst are the banal ones: the sign equivalent of a naggy parent. Where each successive nag (or sign) really only brings diminishing returns, and in fact, sometimes the inverse.


It’s always fun when they get their pants letters dropped, and inadvertently showcase something very different from their intended purpose.

wing it

caution: to keep a child from being trapped / keep out of it

no sons to pass it on to


bonus: the Singapore sign.

[. from Sangsara on flickr]

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